Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26, 2009, Monday, A home at last!

After a full 10 days of looking for a place to live in or near Bedford we were approached yesterday at Branch Conference by High Councilman Elmer Hodge of Vinton. Brother Hodge said the home of his parents (now deceased) had just become available. He gave us the particulars on the home and we arranged to meet he and Sister Hodge at the Church Monday morning for a walk-through. What a perfect place! We both felt immediately that this was an answer to our prayers. It is partially furnished, spacious, clean and very functional with all the necessary living area on one level so that Linda does not have to be going up and down stairs. It is on a beautifully landscaped 5-acre lot. It has a full basement and garage. Brother Hodge's sister will collect the rents. She accepted our check for payment of our first month and we will be able to begin moving in this week as soon as they replace a broken refrigerator and get some curtains hung and some door locks changed.