Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After 4 years in storage, we dusted off the treasured nativity that traditionally graces the top of the piano and restored it to its proper place. It reassured us that we are truly back again in our home at this Christmas season, 2010.
Merry Christmas, to one and all!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! You can feel it in the air!
Our home is taking on the festive appearance that Linda so enjoys! She delights in all the sights and sounds of the the season. Every corner of our little home is touched with her gift of decoration.

Our grandson Aiden (David & Meredith's 3rd child) celebrated his 6th birthday Monday, Dec 6. We were there at his home in north Mesa when he opened his presents. He loves to draw and he was so excited to open one of his presents from his parents and find it to be filled with colored markers! His younger sister Jolie is also giving this new gift serious attention.
How we do love to be with these dear grandchildren after 4 years of being away. They grow up so fast!

We live in such a special neighborhood, here in Mesa. Our Vineyard Ward Primary held an after school activity the first week of December, which included a chance to ride in the neighborhood "train," with Bishop Bob Wright at the controls. When Bishop Wright saw me taking pictures, he said, "Terry, as a former Deputy Sheriff you're not going to turn me in for driving an unlicensed vehicle are you?" I said, "Bishop, it would take a very hard hearted officer to ticket this train."

Saturday, November 27, a great many of the family attended the Arizona high school 3-A football championship game held at the Northern Arizona University Skydome. It was thrilling to see our grandson Rathen and his team, the Show Low Cougars take a 20-3 lead at half-time and hang on to win in the final moments, 20-17, over their arch rivals, the Lakeside/Pinetop Blue Ridge Yellow Jackets.
Here is the photo, taken by our grandson, Scott LeSueur, that proves the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words."
Rathen, the star quarterback, holding the just presented championship trophy, is surrounded by the members of his family. Left to right, his younger sister and member of the cheer squad, Alexis; Randy, father and head coach of the team; his mom, Rebecca (our #4 daughter) the world's greatest sports mom, his older sister Brookelyn and her husband Ross Willis with the video camera; and kneeling, his younger brother Rhett, the team's indefatigable waterboy. Standing behind the family with finger upraised is their close friend, Billy. As head football coach for Show High School, Randy led his Cougars to three State championships games and two state championships in his 4 years at Show Low. His son Rathen holds almost every state passing record and is rated among the 4 leading high school quarterbacks in the nation as he finishes his final season as a senior at Show Low High. We are very proud of Randy and Rebecca and the Ricedorff family for their acheivements on and off the football field.

On Thanksgiving afternoon and evening our children and grandchildren came to our back yard on N. Orange Street in Mesa. We had a great time! It was so good to have them with us once more at this season of the year! Their Uncles, Clark and Reid, and members of their families also stopped by. The temperatures dropped into the 40's after the sun went down, but we have a fire dish and everyone gathered round.
In this picture, in the left forground, Meredith is seated with her youngest, Jolie, on her lap, looking at the fire; John's Rebecca, standing on the left, looking toward the camera; Russell and Melissa, standing together, beyond the fire; Reid, with his hands on his hips; Clark, observing his nephews as they play ball in the side yard; Clark and Connie's two children, Cole and Whitney, are seated in the whte chairs, talking with each other. We hadn't seen them in such a long time. Reid and Stephanie's daughter, Ashley, who lives here in Mesa, was also present, but not pictured here. Emalie, Melissa and Russell's oldest daughter is wrapped in a blanket, in the foreground, talking to (I think) her Aunt Kelly.

Friday, December 3, 2010

On Thanksgiving Day we attended the Burnham family gathering at the Carpenter homestead in Gilbert. Here we are with Linda's brother, Robert, and his wife Jenell ("Jen"). It looks like we are eating sack lunches, but, in fact we consumed a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The paper bags contain Christmas gifts sent down to us from Linda's sister, Diane in Parawan, Utah.

Nov 6, the wedding of our nephew Cory Carpenter (Irene & Don's oldest) to his bride, Jennifer, took place in the church yard at the LDS meeting house near Ray & Gilbert roads in Gilbert, performed by their Bishop.
This picture was taken, moments after the ceremony was completed. We are very happy for Cory to have found such a lovely girl. You can see Cory's youngest brother, the ring bearer, off to the left.