Friday, April 10, 2009

Another of the trees in bloom that we pass each day as we drive to and from our residence in Bedford, Virginia.

The Dogwood trees are all blossomed out, where ever you go through this part of the country. You see them all along the roads and highways as well as people's yards.

This is the Bedford Branch chapel on Longwood Avenue in the heart of Bedford, Virginia, where we attend our meetings each Sunday. We hope it will be filled to overflowing with members and their friends and relatives this Easter Sunday.

Brother and Sister Scott and their family have invited us to join them at their home in Goode (just to the east of Bedford) for Easter Sunday dinner. We are looking forward to being with them. They are such a sweet family.

Twin boys of Jackie and Paige Tomlinson. One is named Ian and the other boy's name is so different I cannot remember. Brother Tomlinson came to service the riding lawn mower (It is grass cutting time!) and these little guys tagged along. They are a lively pair, giving their daddy fits and keeping me in stitches while he worked on the lawn mower. They got their hands on the wheel barrow and a small push mower and they were all over the 5 acres, pushing and running back and forth, up and down; Supermen, both of them!