Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nov 8, 2008, A day with cousins at LeSueur's and the park at Tone Ranch, Gilbert

Later, after we were at the Park we were joined by two more cousins, Drew, older brother to Paige, and Beau, older brother to Gracie. Drew had just come from participation in an organized team soccor game where he scored a goal! Beau, the older cousin had come down with his sister and mother, our daugher Ann, from Linden, for the day.

They have discovered a tiny (harmless) bug and are so excited, because if they touch it, it curls itself into a ball. If they set it down on their hand or arm and leave it alone, it will soon open up and begin to crawl. They love it!
Starting clockwise with Cade, next to him is Paige (Dalton), Kacey (LeSueur) and then Gracie (Williams) in the blue shirt. They are totally oblivious of grandpa's presence. They are just being children, discovery something interesting.

When Paige Carol came to join the other three, we went over to the nearby park and they played for hours together. These little cousins really do love to be together. Kacey loves all her cousins, both the boys and the girls.

Unstructured play is really important for children. They develop important social skills from their imagintive play together.

Well, every yard should have one, don't you think so? A tree house. "Please, please grandpa, get the ladder and help us get up on the tree house."

Here they are again, Gracie, Cade and Kacey. Just too cute for words!

It is Saturday, Nov 8. Because of three birthdays all taking place within a few days of each other, Linda and our daughters and daugthers-in-law have all gathered for a day of celebration and dinner out (ladies only). Which means that it is cousin day, a time for the younger cousins to be together while their mom's are out partying.
Here is Cade, Kacey and Gracie, stopping long enough from their play on the rope swing in the LeSueur back yard on Stanford Street to let me take their picture. What fun they are to be with!

Nov 6, 2008, Kacey LeSueur in school performance

This is Kacey, dressed in her red, white and blue for school on the day they are to participate in a Veteran's Day program for their parents and family.

We sure are enjoying our opportunity to be back with members of our family here in Arizona!

Thursday, Nov 6, we were able to attend a Veteran's Day musical program at Pioneer Elementary where our granddaughter Kacey LeSueur, age 5, attends school.
They gave a great performance, tributes to our veterans and members of the US military who have defended our country over so many years.
Here is Kacey with some of her classmates. They were so enthusiastic! How fun for us to see this group of children perform!