Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The heavy snowstorm of mid-December blocked roads and driveways and forced postponement of our Bedford Branch Family Christmas dinner and Fireside. In fact, all church meetings were canceled the weekend before Christmas because of the snow.

But, on New Year's Eve we did gather as a branch family for dinner together. Our Relief Society President, Evelyn Deel, told us later that over 100 people were present. We had a very nice time together!

The snows of winter stay with us as the tempertures plunged downward all over Virginia and this part of the eastern seaboard in early January 2010.

"Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning. Red sky at night, Sailors delight."

this was another of those early morning sunrises through the bare limbs of the trees that surround our yard on the east. The temperature in the teens! Pretty nippy!

We certainly knew we weren't forgotten, here on our mission assignment in Virginia at Christmas time! As Christmas cards arrived Linda began taping them to the wall in the front entrance of Bedford home. Before it was all over it became quite a display! Beside the many Christmas cards we received a great many Christmas newsletters from friends and family as well.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year!