Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 19, Saturday, Sept 20 Still in the Berkshires of Mass

This autumn harvest display is on the front walk of the famous Red Lion Inn in downtown Stockbridge, Mass. Linda surveyed the room rates and found them to be as expensive at those at the Grand Hotel. We are happy to be in our more modest accomodations at the Yankee Inn in nearby Lenox.

During our travels yesterday (Friday, Sept 19)we stopped in the village of Lee, just a short distance east of Stockbridge, Mass and purchased lunch-to-go from a small eatery named "Hot Harry's Burritos." Mexican food in Massachusetts; can you believe it?

We drove around until we found a picnic table under a large maple tree next to a large old paper mill that is at the base of one of the larger mountains in this part of Massachusetts. The elevation here is less than 1,000 feet above sea level. Linda is sporting her straw hat. The burros were not too bad.

We decided to remain at our hotel in Lenox, Mass for another day and take time to do some laundry and then just kick back and watch the college football games. So, we didn't go anywhere today at all. We did take a swim in the indoor pool (both of us). That was fun! We promised ourselves we will do that more often. Water exercise is good.

This picture, which we took yesteday, down in Stockbridge, is just outside the Norman Rockwell Museum.