Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 31, Thurs, Oct 2, Wells, Maine

After driving out to view the harbor and the ocean from Drake's Island (which is not an Island, but a narrow neck of land running out between the harbor and the sea) we were struck with a brief squall of wind and rain. Linda would have enjoyed the opportunity to get out and walk along the beach front, even with her leg paining her so, but we elected to return on a better day.
Ten minutes later we were at Lord's Harborside Restaurant and the rain had cleared and a rainbow appeared, off to the east, beyond Drake's Island.
I attempted to record it through the window in the restaurant, but it is very faint. Can you see it?
This turned out to be a very nice meal in a beautiful, peaceful spot that we will both enjoy remembering.

I walked out onto Drake's Island Beach in the early afternoon on Thursday. No one was about but this sea bird ( I believe it is a Plover) and a young man in a wet suit, atop his surf board (you may be able to just make him out behind the waves). He would ride the waves for several minutes before turning his board around and attempt to catch a larger one as it came rolling in.

Well's lays claim to 7 miles of sandy beach.

This was taken from Drake's Island, looking back to the west across Well's Harbor. It was interesting to see these Comorants (I think they are called) and a solitary sea gull perched atop the remaining timbers of a long ago warf.

This is a view to the northeast, looking across Well's Harbor towards Draper's Island, a short distance from our hotel.

I took this picture standing next to Lord's Harborside Restaurant where we later went for dinner.

This is the view towards the sea from our groundfloor patio. The row of homes seen in the distance are on a narrow spit of land called Drake's Island. The surf comes within a few feet of their front yards. How they could survives a hurricane in this area is a mystery.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny, with some broken cloudiness that did provide some brief bursts of rain in the afternoon, but cleared off again with great views of the ocean and the surrounding shoreline.

This morning we went down to the indoor swimming pool in the building shown across the parking lot. Linda was able to do some exercises for her legs in the pool and in the Jacuzzi. We aren't sure if all the walking down ramps and stairs is worth the benefit provided, however.