Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 43, Tues, Oct 14, Columbus, OH to Indianapolis, IN

We found accomodations at a Days Inn on the west side of Columbus, Ohio Monday evening. We needed to be in a larger urban area so we could find a Nissan dealership and keep our car on its maintenance schedule.

Leaving Linda at the hotel I took the car over to a nearby Nisson dealer Tuesday morning for a quick oil change and systems check. They found unusual wear on our front tires; much more than 11,000 miles would normally cause. But, by 12:30 pm they had the alignment corrected and two new tires mounted, all under the warranty thank goodness. The hotel was happy to grant us a little extra time and we packed up and made a later than usual start down the road, stopping for the night in Greenfield, Indiana on the outskirts of Indianapolis.

Another warm, although cloudy day, with just a touch of rain, but without the spectacular views we have been spoiled with for so many days. We can tell we are heading into America's heartland; cornfields on every side, mile after mile.

We were on the Interstate, trying to make time and took no pictures today, so we give you this shot, taken by Linda two days ago, looking off to the northwest from US 40, in the beautiful Allegheny mountains of Maryland. It is places like this that makes her want to buy a home in the country.