Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We were so happy to be present at the wedding of Linda's neice, Lisa Wiscombe, which took place on March 4 in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

We enjoyed a lovely luncheon and the reception which followed, including an unforgettable, amazing magic show! Hard to top!

Here is the happy couple, just as they stepped out of the Temple to be greeted by family and friends.

Her husband's name is Aaron.

A change in the Mesa Arizona Maricopa Stake Presidency took place during the February Stake Conference. Elder Grow of the Seventy was the visiting authority for Salt Lake. Under his direction the members of the stake had the opportunity to raise their hands in sustaining Linda's younger brother Lynn Burnham as Stake President. He had been serving as counselor to President Jerry Lewis, now released after nearly 10 yrs of service, and with President Wilford Andersen before President Lewis.

Lynn retained President Fuller (on his right) as one of his counselors, and chose Randy Richardson (married to Jenny Montague) from the Vineyard Ward as 2nd Counselor. They will be a great presidency. Lynn is such a wise and devoted leader. We love and admire him very much.

This picture was taken immediately following their setting apart ceremony conducted by Elder Grow before his return to Salt Lake.

Linda with our beloved daughter, Amy, taken upon their return home from a Mother/Daughter get-away overnight at a hotel in Tempe in belated celebration of Linda's birthday (We were in Idaho on Jan 12).

They said they had a wonderful time with every daughter and daughter-in-law but Kristi (in far-off Idaho) in attendance. Games, conversation, dinner and dining, shopping and beauty treatments ... it just goes on and on when these women get together!

Great grandpa Glenn Chapman is no longer with us. We miss him at Chritmas time with his wonderful portrayal of "Sanchez Claus," and his hilarious rendition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas," south of the border style.

Here I am attempting a poor imitation of the real thing to the delight of the children.

Are these not divine angels, shepherds and wise men?

Left to right, Caleb (Amy & Gary), Drew (Elizabeth & Rich), Zachery (Kelly's), Kacey with her brother Garrett behind her (Melissa & Russell), Claudia (John & Rebecca), Jolie with her brother Aiden behind her (David & Meredith), Cade with his shepherd's staff (John & Rebecca) and little Erica (Elizabeth & Rich).

Christmas of 2010 provided us with the opportunity to once again invite our family to our back yard for a Christmas gathering which traditionally includes the children's portrayal of the Nativity.

At the appointed time they all go into the garage and put on costumes provided by their grandmother. Grandpa usually narrates, reading from the sacred passages in Luke and Matthew, telling of Christ's birth.

Left to right is, Aiden with little sister Jolie (David & Meredith), Cade (John & Rebecca), with Kacey (Melissa & Russell) behind Jolie providing encouragement. They are taking their parts very seriously as you can see.

It was our privilege to congratulate former Colorado Denver North missionary, Daniel Allen, and his beautiful bride, on their marriage in the Arizona Temple. We were invited to the Temple ceremony and also to the luncheon and reception which followed.

This is a choice young man. We worked closely with Elder Allen and his companion when they served as Assistants to the Mission President and we were part of the Mission Office staff. His family resides in Linden, Arizona. His mother is one of those outstanding teachers at the Linden Elementary School which has had such a positive effect upon the beginning education of our grandchildren who attend there. Daniel Allen's father has served as Executive Secretary to our son-in-law, Steve Williams, since his calling as Bishop of the Linden Ward. We love the Allen family.