Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday, July 11, the newlyweds attended Sacrament meeting at the family's ward to hear Adele speak. She gave such an inspiring talk. Her assigned subject was "Service." She told of a sweet little Chilean woman who lived in the humblest of circumstances, but when there was no one willing to provide shelter for 3 homeless Haitian refugees she immediately offered her home. She spoke with great conviction and with a wonderful spirit of love and committment to the Savior and to her fellow men. What an inspiring meeting! She was followed by another returning missionary, a young elder, who also bore a fervent testimony that touched every heart.
This picture was taken in the parking lot at the church after the meeting. Note the balloons that still fill the back seat of the Jacob and Liz's car. They will be heading down to Salt Lake on Monday to catch a flight for their honymoon trip to Costa Rica!