Friday, June 5, 2009

This little fellow didn't get nearly as warm a welcome as the squirrels when he came slithering across our front lawn the other day. I figured him for a common black snake. He disappeared up under one of the big Blue Spruce trees near the driveway after I took this picture.

But, a day or two later, when we came home from an appointment we found him curled up on our front porch, probably enjoying the warmth of the sun on the concrete. The woman of the house gave stern orders and I had to get a rake and lift him off the porch and deposit him down in the wooded area near the creekbed below the house. He must not think we are very hospitable for his hasn't returned.

Squirrels abound here. They can be seen searching for food under the trees in our yard at most any time of the day. Sometimes we see two or three at a time foraging about. This little fellow came up on the sidewalk right in front of the living room window and seemed to want to have his picture taken, so I accommodated him.