Monday, August 2, 2010

We were on a fairly tame part of the river, with only a few sections of white water, but still, for a novice like me, it was great! We were on the river for just over an hour. It really was enjoyable.
Thanks, Kerry.

We enjoyed attending Sunday meetings with Kerry and Brenda at their Valley Ward in Salmon and had such a great time visiting and partaking of some great food and home made ice cream that afternoon and evening.
Monday, before we said goodbye and returned to Rexburg, it was Terry's pleasure to accompany Kerry for a raft trip down a portion of the Salmon River.
Here we are just before putting this rubber raft in the water.

Kerry helped his granddaugher doctor the calve and attempt to get him to eat, but it didn't look good. He would not get up and he wouldn't suck when milk was offered to him.
We all thought he wasn't going to make through the night, but to our pleasant surprise, when Maddy's father got home late that night he got the calf up, got him to eat and by morning he was as frisky as the others!

Three of the calves had no trouble helping themselves to their supper with the family cow, though she is not their birth mother, but the 4th calve was down, sick, unable to stand and in serious need of assistance.

On Saturday evening, not long after our arrival, Kerry and Brenda took us over to their son Jason's home, located some 6 miles back down the road toward town. Jason is president of the Salmon River LDS Stake. He was on a camp-out with youth of the Stake that evening and needed Kerry to help his young daughter Maddy feed 4 new Holstein calves.

This is the Beyeler home, sitting high on a prominence above the river. They are near the end of the road on the west side of the river. The nearest bridge is 12 miles away, so they don't get much traffic. What a peaceful place!

Saturday, July 31, we drove up to Salmon, Idaho, about 3 hours out of Rexburg on US 33, for a weekend with Linda's childhood friend, Brenda Beyeler and her husband Kerry. What a beautiful, relaxing and entirely enjoyable time we had with them!
This is a view from their front porch, overlooking the Salmon River, approximately 16 miles south of the city of Salmon. What a spectacular setting!