Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is a circular irrigation system in operation on farm land just east of where Jeffery & Kristi reside on the east side of Rexburg. The farmer has attached a powerful rotating spray nozzle on the outward end of the system to apply water to the corners of the field outside the reach of the circular arm.
These remarkable irrigation techniques have made it possible to irrigate crops planted on other than level ground, thus bringing thousands more acreage under cultivation.

All through this part of Idaho we see these giant, circular, above ground irrigation systems, bringing water to thousands and thousands of acres of farm land. I am told by a long time resident of Idaho that they have perfected these systems so they deliver a fine mist that doesn't damage the foliage. I also learned tht it is the water pressure itself that powers these giant, wheeled contraptions. As long as they have an adaquate water sourse being pumped in at the one end it will rotate the equipment over the field. Remarkable!