Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 23, Wed, Sept 24, The Lake Region of New Hampshire

After the camera battery charged sufficiently I did drive on down to the lower west shores of the Lake Winnipesaukee near the lake front communities of Glendale and West Alton. I was able to get access to the lake shore at Ellacoya State Park. The clear sky's of morning had given away to increasing cloudiness by the time I took this later picture, but it was still a very pleasant day with temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s.

We decided on another night's stay at our hotel in Laconia (actually in the Laconia suburb of Tilton)so we could explore the Lake Winnipesaukee (correct spelling)shoreline.

We took this picture at a small public beach in the resort community of Weirs Beach. Linda took her shoes off and walked across the sand and into the water. She was surprised that the water didn't seem that cold. The water is very clear. Of course, this lake is huge with only a small part of it visible from this inlet on the west shore.

Daily 2-hour cruises on Lake Winnipesaukee are available to the tourist here at Weirs Beach by going aboard the MS Mount Washington, but we didn't opt to take the cruise, prefering a quiet walk along the sandy shore.

Our outing was cut short by the sudden, unexpected failure of our camera. I hadn't charged the battery. So, we returned to our hotel. It may have been just as well, as Linda very much needed to get her leg up and rest.