Friday, July 9, 2010

Adele modeled a native dress worn by the women of Chile.
It is obvious that they love bright and bold colors in their clothing.
Isn't she a beautiful Chilean girl?
Adele is scheduled to speak in her ward Sacrament meeting this Sunday, June 11.
We listened to a portion of a recorded message, sent to Adele's family by her missionary companion, Sister McNiel. She was very, very complimentary of Adele as a missionary and as a person, for her understanding of the gospel and her ability to teach and love the people.
We know from this and many other observations that this dear granddaughter blessed many lives by her devoted service in the Chile Santiago North Mission.
It is so rewarding to see and be with her once again!

A couple of days after her return home, Adele sat the family down and gave each of them a gift she brought from Chile, including some items of clothing, common to the people where she served. She is pointing out a particular marking on the sleeve of this shirt, worn by so many.